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Linking Brand & Design to Social Good

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Brands Matter.
"Brands are over" say the pundits. There are zillions and gazillions of channels and choices and stuff to consume, like and follow. The connected generation trusts their social network and shared experiences more than the voice of some brand.  Right?  Wrong!  If that were true why would VCs say “I’d rather fund a founder with a purpose (aka brand) than a founder with a product.” The fact is your brand is more important than ever.  And I’ll tell not only tell you why, but how to create a brand that matters for today – and for tomorrow. 
Savvy organizations must leverage purposeful design to drive social change and create a value-based identity- from sustainability to healthcare to education - and consumers are taking notice with their hearts AND their wallets. This webinar wil help you drive an authentic narrative around social impact in order to build your next generation of brand advocates.

Embed Sustainability as a Marketing Priority (or Growing with Purpose)


Equip attendees with knowledge and tools that can be used to integrate sustainability/purpose related benefits (environmental or community) into the growth strategy of a brand. Discover new research methods to help you define and prioritize the right social purpose for your brand. Expect to walk away with conceptual frameworks, specific how-to lessons, and inspiring examples to help guide your own efforts around turning purpose into a competitive advantage. 

As design and brand leaders, we never outgrow our need for inspiration, new ideas and new connections. The producers of FUSE: Brand Identity and Design are excited to announce that we’ll be bringing you the cutting-edge content and speakers to keep you connected to what matters year round. The FUSE webinar series takes you beyond the in-person event, and is curated for those with a relentless focus on creating design-led organizations. 
Date: Wed, Oct 18, 2017
Time: 02:00 PM EDT
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Host(s): KNect365
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Robin Albin, Conceptual Innovator, Brand Strategist & Sherpa
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Robin is a serial brand innovator, storyteller and change agent who has an insatiable curiosity about people, culture and trends. Some of the original brands she has helped create and steer to success include: Origins Natural Resources, Léman Manhattan Preparatory School, DrinkLavit, Stetson Bourbon, Voli Vodka, Jane Cosmetics and GeoGirl Cosmetics.
Robin has also helped mature brands rediscover their “True North” in a contemporary way. Some of these include: Estée Lauder, Darphin, MMG/Marketing Management Group, Keepsake Diamond Engagement Rings, Playtex Apparel, Stetson Apparel and Klinger Advanced Aesthetics.

Ricardo Caceres, Co-leader, The Practice of Purpose Project
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Ricardo is the former Global Sustainability Marketing Director for The Coca-Cola Company with 20+ years of global experience in new business launches, innovation & portfolio strategy and sustainability marketing.

In his former role, Ricardo was working to inspire, enable and influence the integration of societal purpose into the top billion-dollar brands at The Coca-Cola Company. He has designed and formalized the process for using sustainability as a driver of brand growth and for creating shared value programs.