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Principles of Persuasive Argumentation

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Principles of Persuasive Communication
How to Effectively Communicate your Case for the Arts
Key takeaways:
  • How to use principles of persuasion to craft a stronger message
  • How social media and technology affect the conversation
In our second webinar of the 2017 series, arts administrators will learn the principles of argumentation to better craft and communicate their case when advocating for the Arts.  
Please join Professor of Communications, Damien Pfister and WESTAF's Executive Director, Anthony Radich for an engaging and practical conversation on how to persuasively advocate for the Arts. This webinar will take place on Thursday, May 25, 12pm MDT2pm EDT  
Date: Thu, May 25, 2017
Time: 12:00 PM MDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Creative Vitality Suite
 Presenter Information
Damien Smith Pfister
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Associate Professor of Communication
University of Maryland
Damien Smith Pfister is an Associate Professor of Communication at the University of Maryland. His work examines the confluence of digitally networked media, rhetorical practice, public deliberation, and visual culture. His interest in how nascent genres of communication provide new opportunities for citizens to affect public deliberation is reflected in Networked Media, Networked Rhetorics: Attention and Deliberation in the Early Blogosphere (Penn State, 2014). Pfister is the co-editor, with Michele Kennerly of the Pennsylvania State University, of Ancient Rhetorics + Digital Networks (Alabama, 2017), a volume that looks to ancient figures, texts, and sensibilities to illuminate communication phenomena in digital networks. He is the author of essays appearing in such journals as Philosophy & Rhetoric, Argumentation and Advocacy, Environmental Communication, Rhetoric Review, and Social Epistemology.

Anthony Radich
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Executive Director
Anthony Radich has served as the executive director of WESTAF since August of 1996. In that capacity he is responsible for providing leadership to the thirteen-state regional arts organizations’ programs and special initiatives. He oversees WESTAF’s work in the areas of research, advocacy, and online systems development designed to benefit the cultural community. Prior to accepting his position at WESTAF, Radich served as the executive director of the Missouri Arts Council for eight years. There he led the successful effort to create a state cultural trust fund supported by a stream of dedicated state funding. Preceding his work in Missouri, Radich was the senior project manager for the Arts, Tourism, and Cultural Resources Committee of the National Conference of State legislatures (NCSL).