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Engaging Sales Reps in Lead Generation to Fill the Pipeline

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No lead generation plan in place? Sales reps are one of your best lead generation strategies!  Whether it’s cold calling, email prospecting, running events, or social networking, they can attract new prospects as part of their regular job.

In this session with Kendra Lee, prospect attraction expert and author of the award-winning book Selling Against the Goal, you’ll discover proven techniques to grow your pipeline, including:

  • Where to start if you have no lead generation plan in place
  • How to determine the lead generation approach that best fits you and leverage it
  • How to plan sales rep-centric lead generation campaigns
  • What your real objective is in prospecting and how to achieve it
  • The leading indicators to measure to know if your prospecting strategy is working
  • What to adjust if your lead generation strategy isn’t working
  • How to motivate sellers to prospect

With a few techniques in place you can find your ideal approach to lead generation, create a campaign plan that gets sellers excited, then watch them jump in eagerly to prospect! And if you don’t have any sales reps, you can do it for yourself. Leave with fresh how-tos to create campaigns you or your sales reps can implement to attract prospects and fill your pipeline.

Date: Tue, Sep 28, 2010
Time: 02:00 PM EDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): ReadyTalk Webinar Series
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Kendra Lee
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Kendra Lee founded KLA Group in 1995.She is a top IT seller, sales advisor and business owner who knows how to shorten time to revenue in innovative ways. She is the author of the best selling book Selling Against the Goal: How Corporate Sales Professionals Generate the Leads They Need

Under Ms. Lee’s direction her organization has assisted sellers in increasing referrals more than 328% in just 7 weeks, penetrating SMB markets in just 6 weeks, driving new client acquisition more than 31% year to year, and increasing annual revenue. Specializing in the IT industry, KLA Group works with manufacturers, distributors, and channel resellers launching new product offerings, penetrating new markets, or experiencing mergers and acquisitions to penetrate new markets, break in and achieve forecasted revenue projections in the SMB market.

Articles about or by Ms. Lee have appeared in numerous publications, and she is a frequent speaker on improving sales performance.