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Winning Grants

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Grants can support the changing needs in your community while your budget is flat or shrinking and provide many benefits (in addition to funding!). Wish you knew more about applying for grants? Does it seem overwhelming and you wonder how to get started? This webinar will be easy to understand, motivating, and full of valuable tips.

Discover the confidence and knowledge to win grants, find out the best method for writing grant proposals, and learn all the steps to successful grant work. Stephanie Gerding will share practical advice, easy grants for beginners, and valuable worksheets and resource lists. We’ll also learn about free resources for finding funding opportunities and valuable discounted software products to aid your grant work, including GrantStation. You’ll be excited, motivated, and ready with the knowledge needed to apply the basic process of grant work.

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Date: Thu, Dec 9, 2010
Time: 11:00 AM PST
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Stephanie Gerding
 Presenter Information
Stephanie Gerding
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Stephanie Gerding is a nationally known library consultant and author. She presents workshops around the country and online on grants, training, and technology topics. Stephanie’s books include the newly published Winning Grants, Grants for Libraries, and The Accidental Technology Trainer. Stephanie co-authors the Library Grants Blog. She is currently a Training and Outreach consultant for the TechSoup for Libraries program.

Kami Griffiths
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With more than 8 years experience working in the public sector, Kami Griffiths brings hands-on expertise to her work at TechSoup. Originally from Minnesota, Kami has worked at nonprofits in Minneapolis, San Francisco, Boston, and New York. She is currently the Training and Outreach Manager at TechSoup where she holds local and international trainings, delivers online seminars, and helped develop the TechSoup for Libraries program. In addition to her work at TechSoup, she is the Executive Director of Community Technology Network, a nonprofit that advocates for digital inclusion by providing training, mentorship, networking, and volunteers to underserved communities in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her career also includes professional graphic design for Global Exchange in San Francisco and working for the City of New York Parks & Recreation where she managed 27 public access computing centers.