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MS Symptoms Part II: Managing Your Mood & Cognition Issues


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Many individuals living with MS will experience changes in their emotions and their cognitive functions over time.  Depression and anxiety, as well as changes in memory, attention, visual perception and verbal fluency, are common.  Some people experience changes in both areas resulting in even more complex challenges.  Please join speech and language pathologist, Jeff Hodgson and psychologist, Peggy Crawford for a discussion about recognizing these changes, the relationship between mood and cognitive, and strategies for effective coping.

Date: Tue, Sep 9, 2014
Time: 08:00 PM EDT
Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes
Host(s): Anne Lee Gilbert
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Peggy Crawford, PhD
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Dr. Crawford’s training and clinical experience as a health psychologist for more than 20 years have afforded her the unique opportunity to work with and learn from individuals and families living with MS.  She has had the privilege to share in the life stories that define the journey over the course of MS and reflected these stories in presentations, research projects and publications.  The courage that women and men with MS display when facing difficult challenges has been an inspiration in Dr. Crawford’s work and personal life.  As a member of the staff at the MS Center at the Cleveland Clinic, the Can Do family, and most recently the Department of Neurology at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, she has had the opportunity to connect with professionals as well as individuals with MS and their families. These relationships have nourished her passion for working in the field of chronic illness just as time in Maine has nourished her soul.  

Jeff Hodgson, SLP
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Jeff Hodgson has 17 years of experience as a speech-language therapist specializing in swallowing and cognitive-communication issues within the adult population. His areas of interest include acquired brain injury (TBI and stroke) as well as progressive neurological disorders. He has worked as a specialist SLP both in the UK and New Zealand as well as across several US States. He is currently employed at St. Mary’s hospital in Grand Junction, Colorado. He looks forward to sharing his knowledge and experience in working with multiple sclerosis across the spectrum of the disease as well as interacting with the folks who are coping with this frustrating  illness across the country.

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