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Weighing in on Wearables: How the Latest Wearable Technologies Can Improve a Basketball Program

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Meeting Description:
Ever wonder if wearable technologies are worth it? Learn about some of the top options on the market and whether or not the research says they'll help your team. Our speaker has tested many of these products personally and has the scoop.
Products discussed include:
Connected Basketballs: (Wilson X connected basketball vs 94fifty Smart Sensor Basketball) vs ShotTracker + ShotTracker Sleeve

Form and Fundamentals (Shooting): SOLIDshot Basketball Smart Sleeve vs shooting strap (Jay Wolf's Basketball Shooting Strap) vs shooting glove (The J Glove)

Performance and Injury Prevention: Vert vs Blast Basketball vs Kinesiology Tape
Date: Thu, Dec 6, 2018
Time: 02:00 PM EST
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Coach & Athletic Director
 Presenter Information
Zacharias Kennedy
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Zacharias Kennedy is a health, fitness and training expert with over 7 years working in a variety of different roles. In addition to consulting with a collection of professional basketball teams, Zacharias also led the Global Basketball summer league as head trainer. Zacharias looks at basketball training with a unique vision that combines aspects of injury prevention and performance, with skill-development and repetition which will ultimately benefit all athletes by giving them more propioceptive awareness, control of muscle activation, and knowledge of anatomy/muscle function.