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Innovative programs for teaching technology, citywide health promotion and environmental stewardship

Meeting Description:
Extend the reach of your active-aging philosophy and programs by following the examples of ICAA Innovator Award winners.

First, hear how the Techy Teens--Savvy Seniors program started with a simple idea of asking local students to help with technology and grew as the teens took charge of adding more options. Next, learn from the unique messaging that spread the Healthy Aging Campaign across a city to touch citizens, policymakers and politicians before a large-scale healthy aging event.


Then, see the results when staff, residents and vendors embraced the Energy Use and Conservation Plan to raise recycling to a high level, protect natural resources and increase awareness around green living initiatives. Discover what occurred, hear the lessons learned, and find out about funding sources, success factors and outcomes.


Learning objectives

  • Describe how the activity or promotion was developed and delivered
  • Gain ideas for outreach to large groups of people
  • Explain why the program or practice was successful
Who will benefit:
  • Program and activities directors
  • Wellness directors and grant writers
  • Marketing directors and outreach coordinators
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Date: Thu, Apr 20, 2017
Time: 01:00 PM EDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Pat Ryan
 Presenter Information
Nita Wilkinson
Speaker Photo

Nita Wilkinson is the Director of Advancement at Green Hills Community in West Liberty, Ohio, home of the Techy Teens--Savvy Seniors program. Wilkinson builds relationships with people who advocate for and have a passion for elders, and writes and implements the fund development plan for the community.

Ashley Derlago
Speaker Photo

Ashley Derlago, BKin, is a certified exercise physiologist who holds an Exercise is Medicine Level 2 designation. As the Health Education & Lifestyle Coordinator at the Wellness Institute at Seven Oaks Hospital, a medical fitness facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Derlago was a member of the team developing the Healthy Aging Campaign.

Leslie Parker
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Leslie Parker follows the Energy Use and Conservation Plan in her role as Director of Environmental Services at Wake Robin in Shelburne, Vermont. Parker oversees the maintenance and operation of all public spaces and private residences, housekeeping and laundry services, grounds, and security throughout the community.

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