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UTC Region 7 - Big Data and Analytics in an Electric Utility

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As the electric grid continues to evolve, we are seeing drastic changes in the data exchanges from grid devices. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the distribution grid – the new frontier of grid automation. Big Data is emerging in places where historically there was little to no communications. The challenge of timely and reliable data movement for self service use is now only one of many new challenges that must be considered. This session will explore the effect of Big Data within an electric utility and will present some emerging solutions being considered.



Date: Tue, Apr 25, 2017
Time: 02:00 PM EDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Sarah Donovan
 Presenter Information
Julia Burton-Cornelius, Oncor

Julia Burton-Cornelius has over 15 years of IT Experience and has been at Oncor for the past 6  years working in the IT Data Management Department.  Prior to Oncor she spent 10 years in Software Engineering at National Semiconductor.  Currently her primary focus is on building Enterprise datawarehouse at Oncor for making data available for analytics and reporting.  She conducts sessions with functional users and provides interactive training on tools and how data can be utilized.