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Finding the Perfect Donor Database in an Imperfect World

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Robert Weiner

Tracy Kronzak

Information Systems Forum


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Meeting Description:

There are nearly two hundred donor databases on the market.  Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, fans and foes.  The challenge is to find a system with strengths that meet your needs, weaknesses that won't get in your way, at a price you can afford. 

This workshop will cover the basic concepts you will need to make a decision.  Topics will include:

  • What to expect from a fundraising database.
  • When to consider a change.
  • How to make the decision.
  • Why not build your own database?

This webinar is appropriate for Executive Directors, fundraisers, donor database managers, and anyone else who needs to help their organization choose a new fundraising database.

Date: Thu, Apr 15, 2010
Time: 11:00 AM PDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Kami Griffiths
 Presenter Information
Robert Weiner
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Robert Weiner is an independent technology consultant based in San Francisco.  He specializes in helping nonprofits make informed, strategic decisions about the selection, use, and management of information technology, particularly to support fundraising.  He has consulted for a wide variety of organizations, from small startups to national and international charities.  His clients have included UC Berkeley, EMILY’s List, the Berkeley Art Museum, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Earthjustice, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the Trust for Public Land, and the YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles. 

Tracy Kronzak
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Tracy Kronzak, Technology Manager at the Applied Research Center, graduated from Cornell University and New York University with a Masters of Public Administration. She specializes in technology and the nonprofit sector, with a particular emphasis on systems administration, and manages ARC's technology needs and growth.

She has been an activist, volunteer and leader in the Queer communities since 1992, and prior to joining ARC worked with donors at the Tides Foundation doing grantmaking for the LGBT communities, racial justice and economic justice. Tracy has studied pottery and ceramic arts at City College of San Francisco and is presently working at the ceramics studio at Laney College in Oakland.