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ICAA Virtual Summit 2019: Workforce management solutions - Day 2

Meeting Description:

Day two of ICAA’s 2019 Virtual Summit continues to address staffing issues and share solutions to meet today’s workplace staffing challenges.

11:00am-11:05am Welcome and overview

11:05am-11:10am Strategies from our partners

11:10am-11:55am Staff motivation and incentives

Understanding ways to motivate employees and to help them thrive in your organization can foster a dedicated and dependable workforce. Providing education, training, mentoring, and encouraging environments prove to be effective ways to inspire and increase loyalty among employees. 

  • Discover what motivates your employees and how to inspire them
  • How to create a “happy” workplace environment
  • Fostering a culture of innovation and contribution        
  • The pros and cons of incentives

11:55am-12:00pm Strategies from our partners

12:00pm-12:05pm Coffee/Move your body break

12:05pm-12:50pm Quality staff - the lifeblood of your organization

Staff training, education, and development programs have been shown to reduce employee turnover, enhance staff morale, and improve the quality of services resulting in increased revenue for organizations. Investing in employees can help them flourish and contribute to an organization’s success.

  • Staff training and education
  • Talent development
  • Leadership development
  • How to mentor and coach current employees   

12:50pm-1:20pm Strategies for an aging workforce

Retirement doesn’t always mean the desire to stop working. Many people wish to continue to contribute their current skills and experience while others may want to develop new skills to add to the workplace. Identifying ways to train and place an aging workforce in desirable positions will prove to strengthen an organization’s workforce.

  • Finding your “built-in” workforce
  • Re-training and developing new skills
  • Employment options for those interested in working
  • Possibilities for independent living communities

1:20pm-1:30pm Wrap-up & Review

Date: Wed, Jun 12, 2019
Time: 11:00 AM EDT
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes
Host(s): Georgia Mattheos