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Spa + Integrative Medicine: The Future of Health and Wellness

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Tune in to hear Dr. Brent Bauer take us through Spa + Integrative Medicine: The Future of Health and Wellness. Dr. Bauer will share the evidence behind the unique collaboration of medicine and spa and explore ways in which you can use this information in your own spa and in your own life as well. Attendees will learn:

· The science supporting Spa is growing.

· This science is increasingly validating the health benefits of many spa offerings.

· Medicine is evolving from a "sick care" model to one of health promotion.

· Medicine is bringing interventions such as yoga and meditation to the bedside, in what is being termed "integrative medicine."

· The greatest opportunity to touch the lives of the greatest number of people with a lifestyle that promotes wellness and health is where Spa and Integrative Medicine meet.

Date: Thu, Aug 25, 2011
Time: 02:00 PM EDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Davis Federspiel
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Dr. Brent Bauer
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Dr. Bauer is board-certified in Internal Medicine, an Associate Professor of Medicine and has been on staff at Mayo Clinic for 17 years.  His main research interest has been the scientific evaluation of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) therapies that patients and consumers are using with increasing frequency.  He has authored several book chapters and papers on this topic, and is the Medical Editor of the Mayo Clinic Book of Alternative Medicine.  He is a member of the NIH-NCCAM special emphasis review panel and is currently collaborating on over 20 studies being conducted at Mayo Clinic evaluating CAM therapies.  His work is at the forefront of the emerging field of Integrative Medicine which combines the best of conventional medicine with the best of evidence-based complementary therapies.