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Routinely Identify Low-Level Attributes - Fast and Accurately

This webcast was presented on July 19, 2017. The recorded webcast is now available for on-demand viewing: Click here.
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Meeting Description:
Biotherapeutic peptide mapping LC-MS acquisition methods can make it difficult to routinely identify low-level modifications, such as deamidation and oxidation.

This webinar will discuss how the use of generic SWATH® Acquisition method on the benchtop X500B QTOF System and BioPharmaView™ Software allows you to confirm the identity of low-level attributes with fast and accurate batch analysis and processing.

We will also discuss how the use of this unbiased data-independent SWATH® Acquisition method will effectively create a high-quality digital record of a biologic sample for consistent and sensitive detection of low abundance critical quality attributes (CQAs).
By attending, you will learn:
  • How to utilize a simple, generic SWATH® Acquisition method to collect high-quality MS/MS on every detectable peptide in a biologic sample preparation, for confident identification of low level attributes
  • How to increase the throughput of routine peptide mapping analyses without compromising data quality and sensitivity
  • How to obtain an unbiased and complete digital record of a biologic sample that can be interrogated or compared with data from other project sites, without the need for sample reanalysis
Date: Wed, Jul 19, 2017
Time: 11:00 AM EDT
Duration: 15 minutes
Host(s): BioProcess International
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Sibylle Heidelberger
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Sibylle Heidelberger received her PhD in Pharmaceutical and Biological Chemistry from the University of London, School of Pharmacy. Sibylle has many years of experience with proteomics, proteins and peptide analysis using high resolution mass spectrometry. She joined SCIEX in 2012 and has recently taken on the role of Technical Marketing Manager for Biologics where her focus is on the development and application of solutions for routine biopharmaceutical characterization and HCP analysis.