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Electric Car Trends and Policy Updates

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Plug-in electric cars have arrived, and the Chicago Metro area can be one of the leading markets for these new vehicles. The Environmental Law & Policy Center (ELPC) and are presenting this free webinar to describe current trends in consumer behavior and public policy related to electric cars in the Midwest and nationally.

ELPC recently launched, a tool to help educate consumers about electric cars available in the Chicago area in 2012. Electric cars help reduce our dependence on foreign oil, produce less pollution than conventional cars, can help save consumers money in an era of volatile gas prices, and can create the jobs for the future in the Midwest economy.

The webinar will last approximately 30 minutes, and speakers will include:

ELPC Executive Director Howard Learner, who will give an overview of ELPC’s electric cars public policy and education strategies and discuss why the Chicago area has the potential to be a leader in the electric car market. Senior Green Car Editor John O’Dell, who will detail current trends in electric car buying. His discussion will include information on the most compelling electric cars, the new electric car technologies about to enter the marketplace, and the opportunities and challenges that exist as consumers consider electric cars.

ELPC Senior Policy Advocate Madeleine Weil, who will discuss current public policy initiatives for electric cars in the Midwest and introduce ELPC’s new website,

Date: Mon, Mar 5, 2012
Time: 11:00 AM CST
Duration: 30 minutes
Host(s): Environmental Law & Policy Center
 Presenter Information
Howard A. Learner
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ELPC Executive Director

John O'Dell
Speaker Photo Senior Green Car Editor

Madeleine Weil
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ELPC Senior Policy Advocate