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Think groups: The why and how of social brain training

Meeting Description:
People join together in a group for lifelong learning programs, fitness, and social events, yet so much of brain health software is aimed at individual use. The weight of the brain health science suggests that social-based brain training interventions provide tremendous benefits across the cognitive continuum, including skills training, intellectual engagement and strategy learning. After a quick review of the science, you will learn how to use a social-based model in the development and implementation of brain health programs.

Learning objectives 


You will:

  • Review the scientific value of social-based brain training
  • Explore a social-based brain training model
  • Learn how to apply social-based brain training in your setting
Who will benefit
  • Wellness directors

  • Activities and engagement staff

  • Recreational or occupational therapies

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Date: Thu, Feb 23, 2017
Time: 01:00 PM EST
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Pat Ryan, ICAA
 Presenter Information
Cynthia Green, PhD
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Cynthia R. Green, PhD is a clinical psychologist, author and noted expert in memory and brain health. Dr. Green is the founder and president of TBH Brands LLC, provider of the Total Brain Health training products, including professional certification and the TBH Toolkits line of classes and programs for active aging settings. Dr. Green’s latest book, Your Best Brain Ever (with Michael Sweeney and National Geographic Books) was named a “Top Guide to Life After 50” by the Wall Street Journal. 

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International Council on Active Aging