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Social Media Marketing Series (Pt II) - Executive Buy-in & Key Tactics for Success


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When the topic turns to social media, we can’t help but get all excited. This is what we’re passionate about and we embrace the opportunity to share our knowledge and expertise with others. Our three-part series will walk you through current social media trends, getting executive buy-in for integrating social media into your overall mix, and how to plan and amplify your social media strategy.

First Things First:
Executive Buy-in and Key Tactics for Social Media Success 

You know that social media marketing should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. But leaping over that first hurdle of getting executive buy-off can be a stretch. This webinar is for them — and you. We’ll give you the facts you need to overcome executives concerns about integrating social media and the six steps you can take to harness the power of social media to engage your customers, build customer loyalty and reap profits. This webinar is loaded with everything you need to:

  • Secure executive buy-in by showing how social media can address real business issues and achieve business objectives
  • Understand what works and what doesn’t
  • Initiate the six steps to plan and implement a successful social media strategy
Date: Thu, Mar 15, 2012
Time: 02:00 PM EDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): ReadyTalk Webinar Series
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Sallie Burnett
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An expert in the field of relationship marketing and a strategic thought leader in the ever-changing landscape of customer communication, Sallie Burnett leads the way in the evolution of how we engage our customers, positively motivate them and earn their long-term loyalty.

The founder and president of Customer Insight Group, Inc., Sallie created the strategic relationship-marketing firm to address the needs of Fortune 1000 companies with solutions designed to improve clients’ customer experiences and empower customers to share, connect and interact. Using her 20 years of analytic, digital and creative marketing expertise, Sallie consistently delivers innovative solutions to her clients that result in profitable, long-term relationships with their customers and bottom-line results.