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Reaching Your Audience Online

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Engaging real people online can be puzzling. During this webinar we'll help find one piece of that puzzle: knowing who those real people are and who you would like them to be.

We here at Aspiration like to ask “what value are you providing to your audience?” Why would someone come to your website or interact with your content? And almost more importantly, why would they do it a second time? By focusing on the value that you’re offering, you’re prioritizing your audience/users needs and inviting them to engage with you.

But how do you focus on this value? How do you think through the motivation for someone actually commenting on your blog or responding to a tweet?

Progress towards consistently higher levels of engagement can be found in the answers to questions like: Who is checking out your content currently? Who are the ideal audiences that you are trying to engage? Where are these people already engaging online? And, how does different content engage them in different ways?

Through simple but not neccessarily easy templates and exercises we'll guide you through exploring the answers to some of these questions and completing the puzzle of connecting with people online for your organization.
Date: Thu, Jul 3, 2014
Time: 10:00 AM PDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Jessica Steimer
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Jessica Steimer
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Jessica is the training and support manager at Aspiration, where she trains and advises community organizations around nonprofit technology best practices, specializing in business processess for online communications.

Jessica originally joined Apiration Tech as part of the Americorps VISTA HandsOn Tech Corps program. She is passionate about creating healthy, happy communities full of healthy, happy people.