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Obesity and the Standard American Diet

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Obesity is overcoming America.  In 2008, 32-35% of Americans were diagnosed as obese. That number is projected to rise to 75% by 2020.  We are surrounded by fitness centers, health centers, and health food stores, yet remain the heaviest population in the western world with an increased incidence of chronic and debilitating diseases. The low nutrient content of the Standard American Diet (SAD), processed meats, refined grains, sugary drinks, and snacks are responsible for the health degeneration we are experiencing today.  Consuming only nutrient-dense whole foods with an emphasis on healthy fats is the key to weight loss and long-term health. Hear about how to avoid the SAD and discover how real food will improve health and contribute to significant weight loss.
Date: Tue, Jan 22, 2019
Time: 02:00 PM EST
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): SOPHE Education
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Karen Dickson, NTP
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Karen Dickson, a native of Virginia, graduated from the University of Virginia School of Nursing and specialized in the care of adults and children in thoracic and cardiovascular surgery, surgical intensive care, and recovery room (PACU) for twenty years.
After moving to a rural area, she worked with an MD who specialized in homeopathic, chelation, and nutritional therapy and witnessed the balancing and healing power of foods and natural medicines. She observed ill and often desperate patients that the conventional medical community was unable to help become healthier as these treatments helped to reverse diseases. Inspired by this experience, she studied introductory homeopathy at the National Center for Homeopathy.
Her studies led her to interact with health care workers practicing non-traditional medicine; she discovered that she herself had health problems that were later found to be related to diet. It was then that she began to do more research on the healing power of food.

Rachel Roldan
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Rachel is a nationally certified personal trainer, specializing in one-on-one training of all ages as well as group fitness coaching.  She is passionate about creating functional fitness programs to supplement and better peoples’ lives, as well as researching and learning about nutrition.
It is important to Rachel to cultivate a fun and positive vibe around fitness for her clients and anyone she works with. In her free time, Rachel enjoys spending time with her husband and pets, reading, listening to podcasts, weight lifting, hiking, and hanging out with friends.