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NERC Webinar: Industrial Control Systems Vulnerabilities - See The World Through Bad Guys' Eyes

Meeting Description:

The Electricity Sector Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ES-ISAC) has invited Eireann Leverett, a security researcher, to present findings regarding his Industrial Control Systems (ICS) research and to demonstrate the power of tools such as Shodan, ERIPP, Google, and Netcraft, and their implications for ICS security.

Over a period of two years, Mr. Leverett located more than 10,000 Internet-accessible, ICS-related devices globally—including meters, PLCs, RTUs, and HVACs.  Mr. Leverett identified the devices through openly-available tools such as Shodan.  He then wrote custom tools to process, map, and visualize the Shodan results.  Mr. Leverett’s tool demonstrates that anyone can easily find vulnerable targets online.  This visualization is key to understanding 'the bigger picture.'

This webinar will be based on a research paper that describes the methodology behind Mr. Leverett’s work.

Additionally, Mr. Leverett will be conducting new research regarding problems of security at scale for ICS, and looks forward to your questions and comments.

NOTE:  Personal e-mail addresses (e.g., hotmail, gmail, yahoo, etc.) will not be accepted for registration.

Date: Tue, Mar 20, 2012
Time: 03:00 PM EDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Ben Miller