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This is Not a Drill!: Introduction to Digital Security Introduction

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Join RoadMap for a free introductory digital security webinar.


Incidents of surveillance, video stings, office break ins, rollbacks of our recent wins, and doxxing - the publishing of personal information against social justice leaders, are on the rise.


During this encore webinar you will receive an introduction to:

  • how to shore up your internal digital security practices;
  • free tools you can use to increase your communications privacy and security.
  • RoadMap's upcoming Digital Security Technical Assistance Cohort

Presenters include: Ileia Burgos from the Wildfire Project and Constitutional Communications and Jonathan Stribling-Uss from RoadMap and Constitutional Communications.


Grassroots social justice movements against the Trump administration have built an unparalleled upsurge in national protest and political engagement. However, as the 2016 US election campaign shows; if civil society organizations do not have solid digital security practices they may be undermined by opposition attack. From Wikileaks leaking the DNC’s and Podesta’s detailed campaign planning information, to James O’Keefe attempting hacking and video stings on key progressive organizations, the importance of digital security and data control and were crucial areas of growth and learning for the election organizers, many of whom are now leading the resistance to the Trump administration.


RoadMap's Weathering the Storms: Building Social Justice Resilience to Opposition Attacks program provides training, resources, and ongoing consulting support for social justice organizations to help them prepare for and protect against opposition attacks.

Date: Thu, Aug 16, 2018
Time: 01:00 PM EDT
Duration: 2 hours
Host(s): RoadMap