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A Ridiculously Simple & Seriously Powerful Cloud Database - See it in Action!

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Xeround is an elastic, always-on database-as-a-service for MySQL-based applications.  In this webinar we will demonstrate how simple it is to harness the power of a Xeround’s highly-available and scalable cloud database – and use it for your existing MySQL apps today.

The session will cover the following steps in the application deployment life-cycle:

1.     Creating a new Cloud Database and connecting to it – see how easy it is to create a new, fully-functional Xeround cloud database instance and connect your application to it.


2.     Automatic Scaling – Xeround is the only cloud database solution that provides linear and practically unlimited scalability of both throughput and database size without any service downtime.

In this session you’ll see how your database automatically scale across multiple nodes when needed, and shrink back when it is underutilized – that way you only pay for what you use.  No code changes are required to your application and no need for architectural or code scaling considerations (memcached, sharding etc.).

3.     Auto-healing – see how Xeround’s unique replicated, self-healing architecture ensures high availability and full resiliency in the event of failure or schema changes. 

Date: Tue, May 3, 2011
Time: 02:00 PM CDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Adam Hansen
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Itamar Haber
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Itamar Haber, AVP Ops & Solutions, is a startup veteran, a database maven and an advocate for users. He has varied experience in software products’ development and management. As the AVP of Operations and Solutions at Xeround, he is responsible for directing support and ensuring that operations run smoothly.