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Worldview Intelligence: Inform your decision-making and improve innovation with this collective approach

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Are you working or collaborating with a group that seems to hold substantially different perspectives than yours? How can you conduct your meetings in a way that generates improved innovation and actionable ideas?
Learning Community
NAP is pleased to bring you a new series offered by our partners at CausePlanet and dedicated to exploring essential topics together. We will learn from each other through information sharing and questions in a facilitated environment. 
Learning Community Session 4: Worldview Intelligence: Cultivate collective knowledge-sharing for improved innovation and decision-making
Co-developers Jerry Nagel and Kathy Jourdain will join us to talk about their Worldview Intelligence program and trainings.


Please read the related summary on The World Cafe, focusing on how you can shape your futures through conversations that matter. Members can download their own summary by visiting and using their email address and NAP as the password to log in.
  • Awareness of your own worldview and appreciation of others'
  • Moving forward with different perspectives, focusing on shared interests and resolving conflict
  • Cultural agility in a range of settings that allows us to advance many interests at the same time
  • Discovering hidden patterns and discerning the unwritten norms or mental models that might be impacting communication and progress
  • Understanding whether an imposition of worldviews exists and how to address this in an exploratory fashion
Join us for our learning conversation

Join CausePlanet facilitator Kris Rutledge and your fellow participants on Wednesday, November 9, at 11:00 a.m. Central for an online discussion at your desktop.


Who should attend

Nonprofit members of Native Americans in Philanthropy. NAP members who are interested in exploring how to improve their awareness of worldviews and how to move forward to resolve conflict.  



Date: Wed, Nov 9, 2016
Time: 11:00 AM CST
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Kris Rutledge
 Presenter Information
Kris Rutledge, CausePlanet Facilitator
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Kris Rutledge is a facilitator for, a thriving professional development website for nonprofit executives, featuring Page to Practice™ book summaries, articles and training. Her career has been dedicated to helping students and professionals reach their full potential, including years of service in English and literacy at the secondary and higher education levels. As an instructor, her primary areas of focus included reading, writing and literacy advocacy for students of all abilities. Rutledge has extensive experience in coaching and facilitation as well and has directed numerous staff development programs. Rutledge also enjoys freelance editing for nonprofit organizations in her spare time. You can reach her at

Denise McMahan, CausePlanet Founder
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Denise McMahan is founder and publisher of CausePlanet, a professional development resource for busy nonprofit leaders who want to stay informed about essential reading through Page to Practice nonprofit book summaries, leadership training and relevant content. Read her blog at 


Jerry Nagel, PhD., Meadowlark Institute
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Jerry Nagel is well known for his knowledge and expertise on Worldview Intelligence, co-evolving this work with Kathy Jourdain. The design and delivery of Worldview Intelligence programs and offerings has emerged from practical hands-on experience with this topic and is supported by his research for his PhD dissertation on Worldview, Social Constructionist Theory and the Art of Hosting. He regularly gives presentations and seminars on transformational and participatory leadership as well as worldview awareness. He also designs and co-designs custom leadership programs for organizations. Jerry is also the president of the Meadowlark Institute, a non-profit organization that trains and supports leaders through customized leadership programs for individuals, businesses and organizations. Find out more at

Kathy Jourdain, MBA, Shape Shift Strategies, Inc.
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Kathy Jourdain is a co-developer of the Worldview Intelligence(TM) programs, offerings and curriculum. She has a passion for co-creative leadership and the ability to influence the shifting shape of organizations, teams and individuals in a time when this is most needed in the world. Kathy launched Shape Shift Strategies Inc. in 2009, the third launch of her consulting practice since 1998. Kathy is a steward and practitioner of the Art of Hosting Conversations That Matter which has her traveling internationally. Her work with clients and stakeholders includes community and cross-cultural engagement, strategic direction, innovation and building team coherence.