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The Crisis of Climate Change Reporting

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Mainstream media outlets serve the public poorly with reports about climate change that always follow familiar lines and surface only when there’s a weather event or a UN conference.
But with President Obama signaling his willingness to act on climate change on the one hand, and news that media outlets like the New York Times are scaling back environmental reporting on the other, Orion is teaming up with national media watchdog Free Press to convene a panel of journalists and activists to propose concrete actions for improving reporting on the climate. 
On February 14, join a panel of writers and thinkers at 4 p.m. Eastern to discuss ways to rectify the situation. Kate Sheppard of Mother Jones, Orion columnist Bill McKibben, writer/activist Wen Stephenson, CBS News contributor and Nature Conservancy scientist M. Sanjayan, Nature founder Thomas Lovejoy, Journalism and Public Media Campaign Director Josh Stearns, Susie Cagle of, and others will share concrete ideas for getting the public better coverage of climate issues.
With the massive Forward for Climate action planned in Washington only days later on February 17th, this discusssion will be a useful warmup. How will the mainstream media cover the DC event, which is likely to be the largest climate rally in history? By giving equal time to climate scientists and climate change deniers as usual? Or will the scope of this event and the overwhelming data encourage greater discussion of climate change's implications and its victims on a regular basis?
Polls show a majority of people now believe climate change is both real and alarming, but it's up to us to bring pressure to bear on the media to report on it. Join us to hear about and share ideas for changing the game.
This phone/web event is open to all, and the call is toll-free. Pre-registration is required, so please fill in the blanks below. 
Date: Thu, Feb 14, 2013
Time: 04:00 PM EST
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Erik Hoffner
 Presenter Information
Kate Sheppard
A staff reporter for the Washington bureau of Mother Jones, Kate Sheppard was previously the political reporter for Grist.

Bill McKibben
Bill McKibben is the author of the first and best books on climate change, a founder of, and a columnist for Orion.

M. Sanjayan
Lead scientist for The Nature Conservancy, M. Sanjayan was recently chosen to be a CBS News Science and Environment contributor.

Wen Stephenson
Wen Stephenson is a former editor at The Atlantic and The Boston Globe, and former senior producer of NPR's On Point. He writes for the Boston Phoenix and Grist and is a founding member of 350 Massachusetts.

Thomas Lovejoy
A scientist and communicator, Thomas Lovejoy served in the Reagan, Bush, and Clinton Administrations, and at the World Bank, U.N. Foundation, and The Heinz Center. He is the founder of the PBS television show, Nature.

Josh Stearns
Josh Stearns is Journalism and Public Media Campaign Director for Free Press.

Susie Cagle
Susie Cagle is a writer for

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