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A Tale of Three Projects: How Three State Agencies are Promoting Active Living in Massachusetts

Meeting Description:
As “health in all policies” slowly takes hold through initiatives like the National Prevention Strategy, the Affordable Care Act, Community Transformation Grants, and Health Impact Assessments, more and more state agencies outside the traditional health world are getting in on the act. Massachusetts is no exception! In this webinar, you will hear stories of three Massachusetts agencies that are shifting the paradigm by incorporating health goals into their strategic planning and business practices and policies. These agencies, the MA Department of Transportation (DOT), MA Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA), and the MA Water Resources Authority (MWRA), are promoting active living by increasing the number of safe, accessible, and attractive options in the state for physical activity, active transportation, and outdoor recreation. You will learn about creating new public access to long-shuttered aqueduct trails; the development of a Healthy Transportation Directive; and an in-depth needs assessment of state residents’ outdoor recreation preferences to guide land acquisition and restoration spending. Webinar participants will leave with: 1)  New ideas, strategies, and policies for inter-agency cooperation focused on health priorities; 2) An understanding of the internal and external challenges/barriers facing “non-health” agencies in incorporating health goals into the work they do; and 3) a list of  ingredients for successful partnerships across state agencies to help advance active living.
Date: Mon, Nov 18, 2013
Time: 01:00 PM EST
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Host(s): Massachusetts Public Health Association
 Presenter Information
Maddie Ribble, MPH
Policy & Communications Director Massachusetts Public Health Association

Stephen Estes-Smarigiassi
Director of Planning, Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

Melissa Cryan, MA
Parkland Acquisitions and Renovations for Communities Grant Coordinator Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs

Steve Woelfel
Director of Strategic Planning, Massachusetts Department of Transportation

Jennifer Slesinger
Transportation Program Planner, Massachusetts Department of Transportation