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The PDF Is the Enemy (but It Doesn't Have to Be)

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The PDF has become a ubiquitous format for file sharing in our work and our daily lives. While its use and convenience cannot be denied, the PDF can also render datasets, graphics, and other information unusable by locking it in a closed format. This webinar will expose these limitations, and explore alternatives to issuing PDFs for reports and organizational research. The training will also provide concrete examples of how to make PDFs more usable and reasons why we should share, make open, and reuse data in the social sector. The Communications Network partners with Foundation Center and Sunlight Foundaion for this webinar, the second in a series exploring open data for the social sector.
Date: Tue, Dec 2, 2014
Time: 01:00 PM EST
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Sean Gibbons
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Janet Camarena
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Janet Camarena has served as director of the Foundation Center-San Francisco office since 2001 and has worked for the Center in a variety of roles since 1995. As director her responsibilities include leading a team of six professionals in offering extensive outreach for the Center's resources and services in the Bay Area and beyond, planning and overseeing educational programming offered in the Western region, carrying out donor development and cultivation, producing and conducting online programming such as the Philanthropy Chat podcast series, and most recently leading the creation, management, and redesign of the Glasspockets web site, which is dedicated to promoting foundation transparency.

Gabi Fitz
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Gabi joined the Foundation Center as the Director of Knowledge Management Initiatives in 2012. For the last fifteen years she has worked with social sector organizations to translate their information into usable knowledge, to help them think through how they can share that knowledge in ways that cultivate engagement, and to set up the online tools, strategies, and systems that make knowledge mobilization possible. In 2007 Gabi brought her skills and passion to co-founding IssueLab, an open access archive for nonprofit research. IssueLab became part of the Foundation Center in 2012, where she continues to focus on helping the social sector make better use of its collective knowledge base.

Amy Ngai
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Amy Ngai is the Partnership and Training Director at the Sunlight Foundation. She works to engage the public on the use of data to promote transparency and open government. As part of that work, she develops partnerships in both the nonprofit and private sectors to unlock and generate innovative uses for government data. In addition, Amy also spearheads the training efforts at Sunlight, including Sunlight Academy, an interactive instructional portal on tools and resources pertinent to the open government community.