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Secure Together: Achieving Cyber-Readiness through Information Sharing Analysis Organizations (ISAOs)

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Through Executive Order 13691, the Population Health ISAO is the cyber intelligence community for health care professionals working together to meet regulatory requirements, reduce cyber risk, and identify cyber threats in the health care environment. Executive Order 13691 is designed to protect ISAO participants (individuals and health care organizations) against being penalized as they share information regarding cyber-related breaches, interference, compromise or incapacitation. Executive Order 13691 allows the Population Health ISAO to:

  • Protect the privacy and civil liberties of individuals
  • Preserve business confidentiality
  • Safeguard the information being shared

Secure Together is the Population Health ISAO's flagship program that helps health organizations of any size become compliant, provide staff training, and implement real-time security collaboration with other health care facilities and organizations nationwide. If there is an attack on any single entity, the defense needed to protect against that attack will be implemented at all entities within minutes without any human intervention. Within a couple hours of set up, the Secure Together dashboard provides administrators and executives a view of who is attacking their organization and what defense is automatically put in place. Secure Together enables sharing threat intelligence in real-time, without revealing the source of intel. An organization can view how they compare to their peers, without seeing the name of the source of intel on your dashboard or other participants seeing your organization’s identifiable information.

Learning Objectives
  1. Understand what an Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (ISAO) is as defined by Presidential Executive Order 13691
  2. Learn why all health organizations should participate in an ISAO
  3. Learn how to practice better "cyber-hygiene" by participating in an ISAO
Date: Fri, Mar 23, 2018
Time: 12:00 PM EDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Florida Hospital Association
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Florida Hospital Association
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Kendra Siler-Marsiglio, PhD, HCC
President/CEO, CommunityHealth IT
NASA/Kennedy Space Center

Sanjay Patel

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