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How Small Businesses Owners Get Invoices Paid Quickly - HSO Small Business Innovators

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Payment problems? You’ve done the work and now that it’s time to get paid, you find the chase is on. Learn payment methods every small business should use to get paid in a timely fashion.

This is the second webinar in the HSO Small Business Innovators series, sponsored by Honor Services Office. Honor Services Office is your source for powerful applications that allow you to track business leads, manage client information and invoices and maintain brand awareness.


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Date: Tue, Dec 9, 2014
Time: 11:30 AM CST
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Honor Services Office
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Stan Washington
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Stan Washington is the President of Honor Services Office. As the executive over restaurant technology for McDonald's Corporation, Stan oversaw the vision for 14,000 locations. He was the catalyst for the innovation of E-Learning (used by over 1 Million people annually) and credit / debit processing (handling Billions annually).



Lauren Young
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Lauren Young will serve as your moderator for this webinar. She is a four-time award winning author and the CEO and Founder of Freshly Baked Communications (FBC). After working at the headquarters of Kraft Foods in brand management, she started Freshly Baked Communications, a brand marketing strategy + content writing firm to showcase her ability to create memorable brands and her passion for writing.