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Storytelling & Social Media: Return on Investment (ROI)

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Notes, slides and links from the presentation
WeAreMedia ROI resources

Listen, Learn, Adapt by David Armano
KD Paine Measurement Blog (must read)


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Meeting Description:

This Webinar will show how you can effectively use ROI processes, techniques, and formulas to help your organization make better social media strategy decisions and demonstrate impact. We'll take a look at what you can and cannot quantify as well as look at the most appropriate metrics for a social media strategy. We'll also cover the importance of intangible benefits for ongoing improvement of your strategy implementation, particularly as it relates to user-generated content, and engagement with social media tools such as blogs, podcasts, photo sharing, and video. We'll also cover where to incorporate qualitative information and introduce you to small tool set of analytics, mostly free, that can help you capture, analyze, and interpret data. You will learn how to communicate the value of social media to other people in your organization and pave the way for successful strategy execution.

Key Takeaways

  • A basic introduction to ROI approaches that nonprofits can use to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of their social media strategies
  • An understanding of the right metrics to use to track and measure success
  • An understanding of when and how to incorporate qualitative information to help understand what works and what doesn’t.
  • An introduction to social media analytics tools, ROI storytelling, and reflection processes


  • Must have basic knowledge and preferably some hands-on experience creating and deploying a social media strategy.
  • Must have a basic understanding and some familiarity with basic web metrics and analytics tools
Date: Wed, Feb 18, 2009
Time: 11:00 AM PST
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Host(s): TechSoup Global & NTEN


•  Recording ROI
 Presenter Information
Beth Kanter
Speaker Photo

Beth Kanter is a trainer, blogger, and consultant to nonprofits and individuals in effective use of social media.  She has worked on projects that include: strategy, training, curriculum development, research, and evaluation. Her expertise is how to use new web tools strategically including blogging, tagging, wikis, photo sharing, video blogging, screencasting, and social networking sites) and she is an expert networked fundraising strategies. She is an experienced coach to in the personal mastery of these tools.

She is a professional blogger and writes about the use of social media tools in the nonprofit sector for social change. In 2009, she will be the Scholar in Residence for the Packard Foundation in Los Altos, CA