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Building the Evidence to Make Health a Shared Value: The E4A Call for Proposals

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On April 9, 2018 Evidence for Action (E4A) will release an open Call for Proposals (CFP) to solicit research projects that fall under Action Area One of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Culture of Health Action Framework. Action Area 1, “Making Health a Shared Value,” highlights individual, family, and community factors necessary for a renewed societal commitment to health and health equity. Mindsets and Expectations, Sense of Community, and Civic Engagement are the three drivers that serve as focal points for policy and programmatic interventions related to this action area.


Limited evidence on measurement and proxy indicators for each driver, and on how each driver may be operationalized in natural settings for meaningful impacts on population health and well-being, has resulted in a gap in our understanding of how progress in this Action Area may be facilitated or hampered by different contexts, systems and approaches.

During the webinar E4A leadership will:

  • Share context about Making Health a Shared Value and its drivers;
  • Provide an overview of the CFP and the application process, materials, and timelines; and
  • Offer insights into the types of projects that would be a good fit for this CFP.


Ample time will also be allowed for a live Q&A.

Please share this information with your colleagues and others who may be interested in submitting a Letter of Intent for Making Health a Shared Value research projects.

For more information, please visit, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and connect with us on LinkedIn.

We look forward to sharing more information about E4A and our funding opportunities with you.

Date: Mon, Apr 16, 2018
Time: 01:00 PM PDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Erin Hagan, PhD, MBA, E4A Deputy Director
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Erin Hagan, PhD, MBA, E4A Deputy Director
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Nancy Adler, PhD, Director
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May Lynn Tan, DrPH, MHS, E4A Research & Policy Specialist
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