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Breaking Barriers: The Data on Women in Data Science & Analytics

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Meeting Description:

As fascination with the fast-growing field of data science explodes, how are women progressing in this field?

Drawing on over six years of data collection for comprehensive industry reports on the data science and analytics market, The Burtch Works Studies, this presentation will share the latest research on gender differences and similarities in the data science field, as well as advice for women looking to make their mark on the quantitative landscape.

Linda Burtch and Sandy Marmitt, experienced data science and analytics recruiters at Burtch Works, will present key insights from the report, including:

  • How many women are in the field?
  • How many women are in senior leadership positions
  • How often do women change jobs, and what motivates them?
  • How women’s salaries compare to men’s salaries in analytics

This presentation was originally shared at Northwestern’s Analytics Exchange on Women in Data Science and AI, and we’re excited to be sharing this data with our network!

Whether you’re a woman looking to manage her own career, or a leader hiring women for your analytics team, this session will have helpful data for you!

Date: Thu, Oct 17, 2019
Time: 11:00 AM CDT
Duration: 30 minutes
Host(s): Linda Burtch & Sandy Marmitt
 Presenter Information
Linda Burtch
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The Founder & Managing Director of Burtch Works, Linda Burtch has over 30 years’ experience recruiting quantitative professionals, and has dedicated her career to becoming an industry leader in data science and analytics recruiting.

Linda is a frequent speaker on quantitative career topics at luncheons, conferences, corporate meetings, and webinars, and has been an active member of the Chicago Chapter of the American Statistical Association and INFORMS for years, holding several board positions. She has also maintained a popular blog on the data science and analytics hiring market for nearly 10 years.

Sandy Marmitt
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Partner & Executive Recruiter at Burtch Works, Sandy Marmitt, has more than 20 years’ experience in recruiting and human resources, and is Burtch Works’ go-to recruiter for mid to senior level candidates in analytics and data science.

As one of the first members of Burtch Works, and previously the Director of Human Resources at a trading firm, Sandy has always been adept at nurturing relationships, and has worked with a number of job candidates that have now become Burtch Works clients.

Sandy also regularly attends industry conferences, and contributes her expertise to Burtch Works webinars and blog posts.