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Face-to-Face Fundraising: Best Practices & New Initiatives

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Face-to-face fundraising has been the single biggest new tool used for recruiting regular committed donors in the world over the last decade. It is now used in over 50 counties in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australasia. It has enabled local and especially international NGOs and UN agencies to start raising significant funds in markets such as India, Mexico, Thailand and South Korea as “traditional” tools such as direct mail struggled.
This session will take you on a world tour featuring the cutting edge best practice in use of this powerful committed donor recruitment tool, illustrate how it has been successfully integrated with other programs such as telephone, new media, virtual reality, and show how to best retain and develop your F2F recruited donors and the future challenges for F2F fundraising.
Date: Wed, Apr 20, 2016
Time: 12:00 PM EDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Steven Shattuck
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Daryl Upsall, FInstF
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Spain-based Daryl Upsall has worked 33+ years with over 230 nonprofits in 62 countries. Known for his leadership & innovation in fundraising he pioneered online fundraising in the early 1990s & is recognised as one of the creators of the global fundraising phenomenon "face to face fundraising" 21 years ago. As Intl. Fundraising Director for Greenpeace Intl. in the '90s he was responsible for turning around their global income, doubling the global net income & raising more than $1B. His agency Daryl Upsall & Assoc. provides strategic consulting support to the world’s leading INGOs. He co-owns Spain's leading telephone fundraising & F2F agencies in Spain as well as Italy, Portugal, Poland, Mexico, Colombia & Peru. He is a Fellow of the UK Institute of Fundraising & a Vice-Chair of the AFP responsible for all aspects of education &professional development. His proudest moment in fundraising was being personally thanked by Nelson Mandela for raising over $2.5M for his election campaign.