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Participation Project Informational Webinar

Meeting Description:
Adopted by Community Resource Center in 2015, The Participation Project is an established program that equips nonprofits to effectively advocate for their missions and to build inclusive, civic programs which engage their clients and communities.
Learn more about civic engagement opportunities for your nonprofit, and how to join our 2018 efforts to increase participation across the state!
This webinar session will include information on four main topics:
- Overview of Our Program 
- Opportunities for Civic Engagement in Your Nonprofit
- What It Means to Be a Partner
- Getting Started
Emily Shamsid-Deen holds a BA in Political Science and Black Studies from Colorado College and a Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Management from Regis University with an emphasis in Program Management. She has worked in the nonprofit sector for over 13 years. Emily is committed to working collaboratively with the nonprofit sector to increase their capacity to affect long-term systemic change in the communities they serve. 
Rebecca Gorrell holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters of Nonprofit Management from Regis University. She brings more than 15 years of experience in nonprofit management, advocacy, fund development, and community engagement. She has trained and built the capacity of nonprofits across the country and is a contributor to the Colorado Nonprofit Association’s Principles & Practices for Nonprofit Excellence.
Date: Thu, Jan 18, 2018
Time: 01:00 PM MST
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Emily Shamsid-Deen and Rebecca Gorrell