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TroutBlitz – How to Help Monitor Local Trout Populations with a Fly Rod!

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Trout Blitz is one of TU's great programs designed to get your chapter or council - and more importantly your members - active and engaged in collecting important scientific data on the health of wild and native trout in your region.
More importantly, Trout Blitz is fun. You and your members will be involved in fishing for wild and native trout - and stocked trout too - and documenting the location, size, condition of the fish and other factors in an online platform that will help us get a nationwide understanding of how wild and native trout are faring throughout their ranges. (Don'y worry, you can easily "hide" the location where you catch these fish from the public view so you don;t give away your secret fishing spot!)
Join Matt Barney of TU's crack Science Team to learn how you can launch a Trout Blitz effort in your chapter or state.
Date: Thu, Feb 26, 2015
Time: 08:00 PM EST
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Jeffrey Yates
 Presenter Information
Matt Barney, TU's science staff