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The State of Consumer Protections

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Consumer protection took a big hit in 2018. With a focus on deregulation, rules to protect consumers have been rolled back or delayed and investigations into financial firms’ anti-consumer practices have been slashed, leaving consumers more susceptible to scams and misleading deals. With leadership changes in Congress and at key federal agencies, this webinar will explore what we can expect in consumer protection in the year ahead.


After recent mega data breaches, we’ll discuss if 2019 is the year for a national data protection law, if payday lenders and debt collectors will be reigned in by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and if credit for traditionally underserved communities will become more inclusive. We’ll consider the state of attention to fair lending concerns as well as financial compensation for consumers when companies violate the law. 

Date: Thu, Feb 21, 2019
Time: 02:00 PM EST
Duration: 1 hour
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Ruth Susswein, Consumer Action
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Ruth Susswein is Consumer Action's Deputy Director of National Priorities. Since 2006, Ruth has focused her energies on consumer advocacy, financial literacy, and financial empowerment.


Ruth has worked on passage of federal financial reform legislation (Dodd-Frank), concentrating on the need to create a national, independent Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Ruth chairs a committee on CFPB consumer complaint handling that works to ensure that the Complaints division of the CFPB is providing maximum possible benefit to consumers through its public compliant database and financial complaint process. Ruth was also critical to the passing of the Credit CARD Act.


Additionally, Ruth advocates for vast improvements in mortgage industry practices and helps educate community-based organizations on changes in financial consumer protections and regulations, and a wide array of personal finance issues, as part of Consumer Action's free financial empowerment training sessions.