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Storytelling & Social Media: Video Creation & Sharing

There was a problem with the recording and it is not available at this time. When it becomes available (hopefully by the end of this week) we will post it. The PowerPoint presentation is available, see link to the right. If you still have questions, please post them to our Emerging Technologies Forum.

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We will help you understand the best ways to integrate video storytelling into your already busy schedule running a non-profit.

With five years experience of online video experience, we will show you how to effectively use the most affordable video equipment to document your projects for the web. We'll share our tried-and-true technical workflow, but more importantly, our simple storytelling strategies that have worked for past projects. We can also help you understand when to do a video project yourself and when to hire a pro.


This session will be most beneficial to people who have at least made one video with their own equipment and uploaded it to the web.

Date: Wed, Feb 4, 2009
Time: 11:00 AM PST
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Host(s): TechSoup Global & NTEN
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Jay Dedman & Ryanne Hodson
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Jay and Ryanne are both ex-television producers and editors who were born anew into the videoblogging world in 2004. Ryanne is the Co-Author of Secrets of Videoblogging; Jay is the Co-Author of Extreme Tech: Videoblogging. Both are the Co-Founders of NODE101 an open source collaborative effort to teach videoblogging around the world. Our current, collaborative project is Show in a Box- hacking Wordpress to become more video centric.