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Demo Day: BSI Supplier Compliance Manager

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BSI's Supplier Compliance Manager (SCM) is our automated risk assessment and audit management tool. SCM combines BSI’s global supply chain risk analytics, individual supplier compliance scores, and the unique operating environment of every supplier to produce a holistic view of risk for your global supplier base. SCM helps you to understand where the risks lie within your supply chain and equips you with the information you need to mitigate those risks and successfully manage your suppliers.


BSI's Supplier Compliance Manager, can help you to:

  • Monitor and track supplier compliance
  • Identify potential risks within your supplier base
  • Enhance your communication efforts
  • Gain complete visibility into the assessment process
  • Automate assessment invitations, reminders and follow up actions
  • Identify your high risk suppliers
  • Order and manage your global supplier verification audits



Date: Thu, May 8, 2014
Time: 02:00 PM EDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): BSI
 Presenter Information
BSI Supply Chain Solutions
BSI Supply Chain Solutions is a leading global provider of supply chain risk-based solutions, supply chain intelligence, assessments, supplier audits and training programs geared toward mitigating global supplier and supply chain exposures. BSI’s Supply Chain Solutions experts work at the forefront partnering with industry and governments on innovative supply chain risk mitigation solutions and intelligence tools. The combination of our tools and BSI’s field-based, global network of supply chain risk assessment and auditing professionals provides our clients with expert visibility into supplier practices worldwide.